Alexander Lekov is a musician who lives and works in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He graduated from "National Music Academy Professor Pancho Vladigerov", Sofia, majoring in Pop and Jazz bass guitar & double bass. Alexander has the opportunity to work with some of the finest musicians in Bulgaria such as the late great Milcho Leviev, Teodosii Spassov, Antony Donchev, Mario Stanchev, Vesselin Koychev, Hristo Yotsov, “White, Green and Red”, “Jazz Line”, Stoyan “Stundji” Yankulov, Svetlin Staikov, Nikolay Karageorgiev, Shibil Benev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Vasil Spassov, Petar Momchev, Dimitar Liolev, Milen Kirov and others, participating in many concerts and festivals in Bulgaria. He also made recordings for artists in various styles, for TV and radio shows. As a part of Teodosii Spassov's group, Lekov plays on festivals and music forums in Canada, Portugal, Qatar, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria. He has performed on concert and club stages also in Norway and Turkey.
    As a leader and co-leader, Alexander Lekov has released ten studio albums, featuring various musicians and covering diverse musical styles and forms. 
    Currently, the musician is a part of the orchestra of the “Opera Plovdiv” and the “Big Band Plovdiv” and plays  bass guitar, electric double bass and acoustic guitar in many music projects. Lekov also works in his own recording studio, producing and making arrangements for other artists.


"Journey" 2023.

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"Reflections" 2022.

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"Path Through Dreams" 2020.

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"Motion in Space"

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with Jeliazka Belchilova
Ailia X - "Pictures of a Floating World" 

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with Svetlin Staikov
"Crossing Influences"

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with Evelin Demirev 

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with Svetlin Staikov
"Colours and Shades"

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with Svetlin Staikov

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Ailia X - "Beyond the Horizon"

Video Description

Theodosi Spasov No Keys Trio - live in Nisville Jazz Festival

Alexander Lekov Trio - "Forest"

Alexander Lekov Trio - "Endless circle"

Ailia X - "Cure"





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