Alexander Lekov is a bassist and composer, located in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
He graduated from the Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia with major bass guitar and double bass.

He's had the opportunity to record and play with some of the greatest Bulgarian musicians - Theodosii Spassov, Milcho Leviev, Hristo Yotzov, Anthony Donchev, Stoyan Yankoulov, Shibil Benev, Petar Momchev, Dimitar Dimitrov, Asen Doikin, Yildiz Ibrahimova, Veselin Koychev, Jazz Line, White Green and Red and others. A.Lekov has participated in many festivals: Plovdiv Jazz Nights, Plovdiv jazz fest, Sofia Music Jam, Spirit of Burgas, Varna Jazz Summer, Bansko Jazz Fest, Jazz Fest - Blagoevgrad, Jazz Forum Stara Zagora, Istanbul Jazz Fest (Turkey). As a member of Theodosii Spasov band Alexander participated in concerts in Transilvania Jazz Fest in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Bucharest (Romania), Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa (Canada), Warsaw (Poland), 5th European Jazz Festival in Doha (Qatar) and others.

He's played the bass on records for the Bulgarian National Radio, the Bulgarian National TV and some popular TV shows.
He has recorded for many jazz, rock and pop artists as well.

In 2009 Alexander Lekov and guitar player Svetlin Staikov released their first debut fusion/rock album "Morning".

Their second album "Colours & Shades" is released in 2011. The album "Crossing Influences" is released in 2013.

Alexander Lekov is working on another project with the talented pianist/vocalist Evelin Demirev and the product of their collaboration, a CD called "MOVE", was released in May 2012.

In the beginning of 2015 Alexander formed a jazz quartet with Petar Momchev-saxophones, Nikolay Karageorgiev-guitar and Hristo Yotsov-drums.
The quartet released their debut album in May, 2015. The CD, called "Unity" includes 9 songs, composed by A.Lekov.

"Leaving Space" is another project started in 2015. This is a musical-visual project, combining photographs in a dierent styles surrounded by "world music" sound - acoustic guitar and bass are intertwined with airy vocals backed by the rythm of Udu drum. The combination of the two arts are happening spontaneously - photos change occurs during performance, depending on what direction to develop the Music scenario. The musicians are Jeli Belchilova - voice and percussion, Nikolay Karageorgiev - acoustic guitars, Alexander Lekov - acoustic bass and Emil Pehlivanov - Udu and percussion. The photographs and vision are created by Nikola Nikolov .

At the end of 2016 Alexander started a new project with Jeli Belchilova - Ailia X. The sound background is created only by a 7-string bass guitar, whose sound is bruised through multiple effects, and the structures of the songs are built on multi-layered looping. The ethereal vocals and lyrics complement the color palette. Ailia X present their debut album "Pictures Of A Floating World" in September 2018.

A. Lekov is working on another duo project - this one with the guitarist Nikolay Karageorgiev. They released their debut album "Motion In Space" at the beginning of 2020. The music is composed by A. Lekov and the arrangements are made by the duo.